Wednesday, March 2, 2011

two new friends

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day . . . until about 5:00pm.  We painted up 2 beautiful 7' white columns that I found on the road last week.  Since we are using them for props in the shop, they needed to be leveled on the bottom, (thanks here to my amazing brother-in-law Scott), and then set on pedestals for standing support.  Cannot wait to set them up and pray that they will be secure enough not to topple over.  Don't have a before image, but here's how they look now.

After that, we headed over to the home of a really nice (and super creative) lady who had some great pieces to sell.  Francesca previously owned a shop in Glen Rock and her house was filled with all kinds of truly beautiful treasures,  re-done pieces and works in progress.  We wound up falling in love with with the most comfortable chaise ever . . . and of course buying it for the shop! 

We also picked up a terrific display case which is perfect for showing our colored glass . . .  and Francesca was kind enough to throw in a cute little iron footstool as a freebie.  So nice.  Thanks to the moving services of Packy & Bradley, we had the items on the truck, delivered to the shop and set up within an hour.  Thanks guys!  Could not have done it without you!

Back to 5:00.  Things go pretty smoothly for awhile, but then the inevitable happens sometimes and things go haywire. Losing a wallet with credit cards and license as I did yesterday was a nightmare waiting to unfold.  The thought of calling the bank, calling the credit card companies, calling the (dreaded) insurance companies, but worst of all having to go to the DMV and waste precious time one week before we open was almost too much.  Scary couple of hours.  The good news is that the bank, yes the bank, had my wallet, which I discovered this morning.  All the while I was imagining someone running up enough charges to put us out of business before we open, my wallet was safe in the bank vault waiting for me to come pick it up!  I now love my bank. 

One more pic of two great bar stools we picked up, waiting to be transformed. . . 

Have an amazical day!