Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Master

I've been thinking about this quote for awhile now. . . and I'd say Steve pretty much says it all about what we want to achieve in our homes as much as it does about the most amazing (huge apple fan here) company ever.  As much as a beautiful room creates a sense of comfort and stability in our lives,  if the elements in it don't function as well as they could, then the point is missed.  How often have you sat yourself in a super comfy chair, put on your favorite music and realize for the millionth time that there is nowhere close to set down your coffee cup? Or the bedside table you have slept next to for years is just fine to hold the reading lamp, but why are all your books and mags on the floor?          

image from House Beautiful

Although I love love the color scheme and the cottagey feel in this bedroom, the end table, although a great style in itself, looks good but doesn't seem functional. I'm picturing a bigger table with just a bit more room for a few good reads or a cup of tea.  

image from House Beautiful

This table, similar in style, is in better proportion to the scale of the bed. It serves to hold some of the necessary luxuries nice to have on hand and is pretty to look at at the same time.   Design and Function.

In the shop now:  a beautifully shaped & graceful console table.  Too pretty for behind the sofa . . .  use it as a bedroom desk, or reserve it as an elegant table for coffee with a friend.  

I have to keep revisiting my own spaces at home as the family lifestyle changes as well as the furniture plan.  What is this space best used for now, and how can I make it work well and look great at the same time?  Maybe adding the one thing that I've been meaning to for years . . . 

What do you think?