Thursday, March 17, 2011

Southern Comfort

Yesterday the UPS truck pulled up in front of the shop.  I don't know about you, but whenever I see that big brown slowing down anywhere near my home, there is usually a moment of excitement . . . what's he got there? is it something I ordered and forgot I ordered, or, is it another book delivery for my husband (please NO), maybe an unexpected gift (rarely). But usually whatever he brings is a good thing.  Today it was a very good very nice thing.  Sent long-distance (by a never-even-met-in-person-yet friend),  a  h..u...g...e box arrived with what is commonly known in the Great South as a KING CAKE.   What might you ask is a King Cake?   Apparently it is a tradition which goes as far back as the Three Kings to celebrate The Epiphany, Little Christmas or the Twelfth Night.  Today, the residents of Louisiana, and the Missisippi & Alabama Gulf Coast  perpetuate that celebration by holding continued festivities starting the 12th day after Christmas,  continuing on until the Tuesday before Lent.  In the South, Mardi Gras Day.  I've never tasted a KING Cake but it looks yummy, so thank you Karen from Mississippi and Paul's Pastry Shop . . you've brought a bit of the old South to a little shop in the Northeast!

Some great spring color palettes . . . from the South.  

Image from Southern Living
Love these organic elements.

Image from Southern Living
Warm grays and white pop with some green for spring!

In the shop NOW
 Pair of Leather & Chrome Dinner chairs at $140. 

Image from Apartment Therapy
Which look amazingly like these Giovanni Carini Dinner Chairs. 

Top o' the Morning to you all,