Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Color

We thought it would never arrive but the signs are all there: kids (and dogs) playing outside, people without coats, windows open, and here and there a crocus popping through . . . SPRING is finally here.  Long awaited and I have never been more ready.  I'm taking one day (today) to just enjoy that fact before beginning the transition of switching out the winter clothes to the spring ones, washing the windows which look like they have 10 years worth of salt and water spots on them, re-organizing absolutely everything in the house, and finally getting to the garden pruning which I should have done in the fall.  That should take about a good four weeks.  By then, it might be warm enough to sit outside on the porch with Jackson for awhile and just listen to the birds.  He misses that as much as I do.

Spring always reminds us of welcome color . . . the bright and clear greens of leafing buds & grass, soft whites, luscious pinks and yellows.  Nothing can give you a lift after a long white winter as new color in fashion, or, in your home .  Just so happens that the Top 10 Spring 2011 Pantene Color Forecast in fashion is also the same for home interiors.  These beautiful shades will spring you up just by hearing their names!  Honeysuckle. Regatta. Coral Rose. Beeswax. Peapod. Blue Curacao. Russet. Silver Peony. Lavender. Silver Cloud.

                                                                 Image from
Whether it's fresh paint on the walls or a front door, a few new pots for the porch, or a great new dress, now's the time to add some color to your life! 

Image from Elle Decor

 Bright color accents in the Shop right now . . . 
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Happy Spring!