Friday, May 6, 2011

Loving Whites

Lately I have been obsessed with whites.  It started last year, when I purchased tons of beautiful white pitchers and white hydrangeas for my daughters best friend's Bridal Shower, which I had in my home.  It was a Breakfast at Tiffany's Theme, and although my house does not resemble the famous luxury shop in any way, we had a blast theming it out with their famous Tiffany Blue palette and Holly Golightly props.

Tasha looks so happy & so were we!  I used lots of white throughout . . . sheeting covers on the chairs, huge Martha Stewart paper flowers from the ceiling, white linens and of course white tulips and hydrangeas,  which all gave the bridal brunch a fresh  elegant vibe.

Since then I have been on a mission . . . to little by little transform my own home from a strong vibrant palette to a more peaceful and simple color scheme.  

The first room was the entryway . . . a beautiful Ben Moore wash on the walls.  I love the way it brings me to a cool and calm place,  replacing the much darker wall color.  A few painted pieces, (white of course), and some gorgeous pots of hydrangeas give me the garden look I'm craving now.

The next room to change mood is my dining room.  You can see the wall color on the right side of the pic, and now that I look at it I think I went a little overboard with reds all around . . . what was I thinking???  

Because the room has never had enough natural light, I decided years ago to do it in a really rich Martha Stewart color called Bee Balm Red, which worked to create a warm dramatic ambiance for dinners.  Since we used the room mostly at night, I figured I had nothing to lose by going dark.  

However I am so, so tired of looking at a nightime room in the morning even when the sun is there, that I knew it had to go.  It did.  

Three coats of Ben Moore White Dove later, I now can see the light, and it feels SO much better.  Lighter, brighter, and I'm so excited to get the table & chairs back in again . . . but not until I move the books that are sitting on the dining room table, which were moved out in the painting process. 

In the process of repairing some major water damage to the fireplace wall in the adjoining living room, I noticed this interesting brick/plaster/ concrete assemblage hiding behind the sheet rock, so I had the guys take it all down instead of repairing it with new rock.  

I LOVe the texture and interest I see there, so it's staying exposed, and it will work really well with the lighter color soon to be on those walls.  If you give a mouse a cookie . . . .

This process of lightening up is of course taking much longer than I'd like, it will probably be months, and the direction I'm heading right now is room to room, (in other words the entire house), but I know when it's finished it will make me happy!  In the meantime, Jackie and family are patiently bearing through the disruption and the mess.  But . . . he looks like he's ready to go over the cliff here doesn't he?

image from Apartment Therapy

Some interesting thoughts on how color, in this case white, physically affects us when used in an interior space.  It all sounds good to me!

White aids in mental clarity.  It encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles. It evokes purification of thoughts or actions.  And best of all it enables fresh beginnings.  I'm ready.  

As the weeks go on I'll keep you posted on my progress, but in the meantime we have some really great whites in the shop right now. 



So stop on in the shop when you can . . . and, if you're thinking about re-doing a space in your own home give us at call or e-mail us here at SWITCH.  Our re-design services will help you get the look you want!

Have a wonderful day!