Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Interlude

in.ter.lude  a short dramatic piece, an intervening episode or period.

Summer's here and what better time to take a break from the everyday routine and do something different? An early morning walk or bike ride,  a cold glass of lemonade in the garden,  a good light read . . .  anything to while away some part of each day in blissful relaxation.  If we all can't take just a bit of time to enjoy these long summer days, then summer becomes a bummer. Can't let that happen! 

If you can't make a long trip during the week,  there are some great spots locally to experience open sky, water views and gorgeous sunsets. 

One of my favorites is Piermont, NY, where the pace is slow, the shopping is unique and the outdoor cafes and markets offer something for everyone. 

Get an ice cream at the Flywheel Creamery, or have a picnic at the Harbor . . .

rent a bike at Piermont Bicycle Connection . . . or take the half mile walk to the end of the pier and you'll feel like you're ON the Hudson.    

Visit my all time favorite toy store, Buttercup & Friends, (I promise you'll feel like a kid again!), or stick around for an evening of some great music at The Turning Point on Main Street.  

If it's ART you're interested in, Piermont has a number of great little galleries which offer a range of work from the traditional to the contemporary & eclectic.  There's Piermont Fine Arts,  Happy Dog Gallery, Outside In,

and my own personal favorite (ahem), The Piermont Flywheel Gallery www.piermontflywheel.com. . . 

 . . . which was named for the original flywheel (still standing) that furnished the power for manufacturing in Piermont more than 100 years ago.  

 Hope you can take a step back in time soon to this artsy, relaxed, kid/dog friendly, Hudson River village where a day of simple pleasures can unfold.  A great choice for a close, affordable and low-key summer day.      

I was at the Flywheel this morning dropping off my work for the upcoming group show, SUMMER  INTERLUDE, and took a few shots of the show hanging in progress . . . 

Decisions, decisions . . . 

Howard hamming it up . . . :)

 Waiting for a good spot . . . Eileen & Serban. 

  Susan doing her placement thing with a fab painting by Arthur Bowden.

The Summer Interlude Opening Reception is on Sunday July 17th from 2-6.  Stop by.  Chat with the artists.  Have some wine & cheese.  Pick up a great piece of art.  We'd love to have you visit!

It's been said that art speaks to the soul . . . and, that the heart of an artist is in the work.  For decades, paintings, sculptures, collages and glassware have been used  to provide texture, color and warmth to interior spaces.

image from Foley & Cox
Here, a simple piece of art framed in white creates a restful, tranquil bedroom.

Image from Foley & Cox
 A framed photograph casually set upon a table suggests an elegant informality.

Image from Foley & Cox

A collection of similarly framed and matted art provides a beautiful backdrop for the simple sofa and geometric shape of the pillows.

image from Marcelle Guilbeau
On this wall a large painting anchors a small space.

image from Marcelle Guilbeau
Clean Black and White is so effective in this minimalist contemporary space.

image from Marcelle Guilbeau
The artwork in this area expands the eclectic space with a funky vibe.

We don't sell fine art at the shop, but we've got some  great antique and plein aire frames for your art & photos.    Some antique, some new, all beautiful and very well priced. 

Wishing you a creative and art-inspired day!