Friday, January 27, 2012


Do you ever have a day like this . . . lolling around, whiling away the hours, not a care in the world, just enjoying a good thing until something better comes along. . . dogs know how to relax better than we do I think.  When I look at this photo, I just have to remember how good it really is to chill. For a whole day.  Maybe a whole week.  I think we all should do more of this whenever we can.  Just grab those moments as limited as they are, and put the world aside.

I took this pic last summer, and when I look at it now I feel instantly relaxed.  Remembering that morning, and recalling the soothing sound of the tide does take me there.  Peace.  I think I'll stare at it for a few minutes more.

BTW . ..
Our resident wine goddess is looking for someone to take her home.

And this vintage sconce would look amazing over someone's door frame.  I have been SO tempted to own this myself . . . waiting it out for a few days :)

Our final in-shop sale days have begun, so stop on in when you can! 
In the meantime . . . 

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Remember the joy of this memory for a moment!