Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have been working on some changes in my living room, (can someone come up with a new name for that room,  please) which includes new window treatments, bringing in some new pieces to change up the space, and finishing up a wall project which I started back in September.

The Wall Project . . . 
This window-filled room doesn't have much wall space to begin with, and the space above the mantle was well, keeping the room kinda boring to me.  Btw, here is the old wall above the mantle . . .when it was red.

Unfortunately, or (fortunately in the end), we had a water issue on that wall due to last season's extreme ice, which blocked the gutters and forced the water into the wall above the mantle.  The result was a water logged wall which had to be replaced.   

But, once the sheetrock started coming down. . . 
I started to see all this beautiful brick and plaster underneath.  Every time the worker took down more of the sheetrock, I was loving the look that was being uncovered.

The bare studs on the sides were exposed as well, (kind of a mess right right here but they cleaned up great), so I had him keep going to the rest of the wall.  

Once that was taken down,  I decided to have him remove the sheetrock above the brick & plaster as well.  Already I was LOVING the juxtaposition of the rough texture above the mantle with the sparkle of the glass chandy.

After the super wide beam running across the top was exposed, I knew there was no turning back to covering it all up again with new sheetrock.  

So. . . now that the old side and top beams have been cleaned up, sanded and holes filled filled in where needed, I am ready to start working on this gorgeous wood.  Maybe just a stain and that's it.  What do YOU think?  I do have to say here that my mason, Bill Falkenstern, thinks I have a hole in my head to expose his usually covered under-the-sheetrock work, but that's OK.  He knows me long enough to know that I get crazy sometimes.  

Thinking back now, I know I was probably inspired by a pic of the remains of an old mansion on the Hudson I visited awhile back (previous post).   The mix of old stone and cement or plaster brings me back in time somewhere I suppose.

Had my eye on this for the last year. . . One of the great pieces we had in the shop is no longer in the shop because I've taken it for myself to use in my coming-along living room. One of the perks of Mary & I only buying what we love!

Here it is in it's new home. . . and it's the perfect piece to combine funky with tradition, don't you think?

 Some of our recent acquisitions for the shop from that great estate sale we snuck into. . . 

Come on in and see what we've got . . . before it's gone!

Here at SWITCH we are so happy to announce that we are now carrying a line of truly amazing jewelry from sisters Zara & Tamika of ZATARA Designs.  Just a peek at one piece for now, but much much more to show you soon.  

And don't forget to stop on in on December 7th, 6-9 for our SWITCH WiNe & CHeese Party.  We look forward to seeing all of you!

Have a great day,