Friday, January 27, 2012


Do you ever have a day like this . . . lolling around, whiling away the hours, not a care in the world, just enjoying a good thing until something better comes along. . . dogs know how to relax better than we do I think.  When I look at this photo, I just have to remember how good it really is to chill. For a whole day.  Maybe a whole week.  I think we all should do more of this whenever we can.  Just grab those moments as limited as they are, and put the world aside.

I took this pic last summer, and when I look at it now I feel instantly relaxed.  Remembering that morning, and recalling the soothing sound of the tide does take me there.  Peace.  I think I'll stare at it for a few minutes more.

BTW . ..
Our resident wine goddess is looking for someone to take her home.

And this vintage sconce would look amazing over someone's door frame.  I have been SO tempted to own this myself . . . waiting it out for a few days :)

Our final in-shop sale days have begun, so stop on in when you can! 
In the meantime . . . 

                                                                        image by
Remember the joy of this memory for a moment!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

We Have to Tell You Something

What do you do when faced with a decision to make?  One way is to take some time, try to come up with a few possible solutions, explore the viability of each one, and then choose what appears to be the best option.  

Mary and I have had some soul searching to do in the last few weeks . . . and have decided that we need to make a change.  We love our little shop, and all the really wonderful people we have met in this last year -so this is hard to say . . . but, we will be closing our doors at SWITCH on Saturday, February 11th.

 But hey . . .  DON'T LEAVE US.   We'll have our online shop up and running within the next few days, and will continue to bring you the best of what we can find; interesting and one-of-kind pieces, affordable as always.  For you, our regular customers, we will  make our finds available to you, somehow, someway.  No details right now, we're working on that, but they will be coming soon.  Different space (sigh), but the same stuff.

So, keep checking the blog for updates on what's new . . . as we reconfigure SWITCH with some exciting new ideas.  Change can be good. Switching it out is what we do.  But we do hope you all will keep in touch.  We still love to hear from you here on the blog especially,  and hope you'll stop on by in the shop within the next few weeks! 

We are now marking selected large pieces 20% off, and some of our mid sized pieces (like chairs) 15% off.  Shop hours until we close our doors will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11-4, and Friday & Saturday 10-4.  If you are interested in a purchase and cannot make shop hours, just e-mail us here . . ., and we can arrange to open the shop for you.  No problem.  

Wishing you all a great weekend. . . and see you at the shop!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2 New Things

Like an open window clears the air to make way for a fresh new season, the new year can do the same thing to inspire new ways of thinking and doing everything.  Whether it's a new fitness routine, new job, new attitude or just a tweak on a current situation, now is the time to move forward and GO FOR IT.

So. . . here at Switch we are 
re-evaluting, and re-thinking some things too.

First the little thing. . . You may have noticed that I did get my Pinterest button activated on the blog. . . Honestly it's just for fun and inspiration, but there are just SO many creative people and ideas out there that it's nice to record some of the ones I like . . .virtual pinboard. Much easier than scrapbooking for me.  Check it out only if you are not afraid of a Pinterest addiction!

The other new thing Mary and I will be doing very soon is opening up the shop to on-line sales.  We have had some sales inquires from as far away as Mississippi, but haven't had a way for people to pay & ship till now.  We're excited to be able to offer another option to our far-away-friends, and hope you'll share the SWITCHSTUFF blog with people you know!  
Just copy and paste the blog from your browser, or here: and put it in an e-mail, or, simply just check out our page on Facebook (Switch Consign and Design), and share it that way.   If you can help us out by sharing our site, we are already grateful! 

One last thing . . . which makes it 3 things actually, is our WINTER SALE, starting this Tuesday-Thursday 11-4, and Friday-Saturday 10-4.  Our prices are pretty good all-the-time, but as a special promotion we'll be marking down an additional 20% on ALL our large pieces.  

Like this:

Irish Pine Hutch
originally $1100, now $880

and this: 
Irish Pine Armoire, originally priced at $800, now reduced to $640.  

and this . . .  
Natuzzi Black Leather Loveseat,
one side reclines.
Originally Switch-priced at $500, now $400. Yes, $400.  Perfect condition.

In addition, we are also marking down quite a few selected mid sized pieces 15%. . . 
Set of Kitchen/Bar Chairs reduced from 
$300 to $250

This morning at my house was really nice.  Special. Yes, it was COLD outside, but a coffee from Jack, some Irving Berlin on Pandora, some nice conversation at the fireside, and of course my Jackie
 making himself comfortable as usual was special.     

Things are not always this idyllic . . . but
for each of the few blessed moments which randomly happen to come my way, I am very grateful. 

Wishing you a great week, and some blessings to cherish as the days roll on.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Begin to Begin

No,  I haven't been away to one of my most favorite spots on earth, (I wish), but I was looking through my pics this morning as I begin my first post of 2012.  I came across this one.  Early morning low tide at the beginning of a brand new day.  Quiet . . . blank as a slate, cleared of footprints from the day before, and open to the markings and activity to come as the hours unfold.  As we begin this New Year, my hope for all of you is that you will experience many, many new joys, the continued love of family and friends, and a hopeful spirit to carry forward in the days ahead.  

I thought today I'd share some of SWITCH's Before & AfTer's of the past year.  Some pieces were more labor intensive than others, but all had the possibility to become something more beautiful, current and once again, useful.  The AfTer's represent a revitalized look for pieces that were not quite ready to go off into never-never-land just yet . . .  all in keeping with our philosophy here at SWITCH to re-do, re-claim and re-love!

The finished small cupboard transformed with some awesome new color. This little piece is now serving it's time and some lucky customers, in a local coffee shop. What could be better than a bright color splash in the morning?

These Duncan Phyfe-like chairs came from a wonderful Victorian home, but just needed a bit of tweaking to freshen up the look. We have 4 at a great price in the shop.

Super comfy kitchen/bar stools, updated with a fresh floral geometric.

 A set of 6 Swedish style chairs were a Bloomies buy a few years ago, and we decided to brighten them all up with a riot of delicious color.  

Great wicker chair all done up with a beautiful gardeny Ralph Lauren fabric on the seat pillow.  Now residing in Hoboken NJ.

This pair of sweet rattan chairs have been happily re-dressed and relocated to a low kitchen island.  Perfect chic for a small space!

All I can say about this solid wood table is . . .  fabulous buy.  Repainted in a rich warm black, it's a full 48" round in diameter, and includes a leaf to bring it to 60"oval.

The Beginning
By far the major and most challenging re-do for Mary & I as we set to open last March, was our actual shop space. Let's just say, we had a vision and leave it at that for now.  

think I can speak for Mary as well as myself (right Mar?) when I say that one of the truly satisfying joys in both our lives is turning an empty space, whether it's a home, a room, a garden or even an empty canvas into something beautiful.  If you have found something wonderful to take home and add to the things you love in your own home, that makes us feel good.  Thank you.   

As far as our little shop here at SWITCH, one of the the best parts of these last few months has been meeting and getting to know so many of you amazing people.  At the beginning of a new year, it's nice to count those blessings.  

Wishing the best of 2012 to you and your loved ones.