Sunday, October 9, 2011

Room Re-Visit

No this is not my own darling Jackson,  but it must be his brother in a white version.  Not to mention the lounging position which is oh-so-familiar.  As you can see this white sofa has been covered with a comforter to protect it from the doggy paw destruction that can happen with just one sitting.  Now this approach is a bit too radical for me, (Jackie's not allowed on MY white sofa,) but nevertheless some people just like the look of pure white and will do almost anything to get it.  And yes laundering a comforter is way so much easier than laundering a set of slips.  He does look comfy doesn't he?

 In an earlier post, you may remember my red dining room.  The table set here was for a holiday gathering, and although the color served me well for a number of years, very cozy and atmospheric, but it was time for a big change.   My biggest challenge was not repainting the wall color . .  that would have been easy.  It was the color of the fabric on the dining chairs, which was a fixed issue.  

Every time I tried to change the look of the room with a different wall color, the chairs would dominate my color scheme.  And those same chairs would also dominate the color scheme of all the adjoining rooms as well.  So I was stuck with a color palette I no longer wanted  on the whole first floor as well as in that room.

Once I decided to break-up with my red chairs, everything was SO much easier.

 I had all 12 of them slipcovered in a simple white duck (thank you Dennis Klein, they are waiting to be steam pressed), and had the walls painted in a creamy Dove White from Ben Moore.

 Just changing out the chair color has opened up the whole space, which as an interior room, was a low light situation anyway.

 Now it looks fresh, a bit more casual and so much more ready to adapt to the changes I want to make as the seasons change.  Adding additional color on a table set or on the windows is much easier now with an all white background.

 Loving this . . . but now I'm on the lookout for 2 smaller chandys over the table instead of the one which is way too high and in the middle.  Jackie is checking out the new dining room, in which he unfortunately will not have a seat at the table!

Great new pieces in the shop right now.
Here's a few . . .

 Some simpLy gorgeous interior pics by Atlanta Bartlett Interiors . . .
A kitchen still life with the most elemental simplicity.

Here the play of wood, texture, architectural detail and color against white is stunning.

Nothing will show your collection of whiteware or colored kitchenware more perfectly than in a white washed cupboard or cabinet.

Have a great day, and come on by the shop soon!