Monday, November 7, 2011

Wicked Week

It was exactly 8 days without internet connection here at my house, and despite the inconvenience of not being able to keep up the blog here at SWITCH, there were many who were WAY more put out by the Halloween storm damage than I was, so no real serious complaints going on by me.  But, here's the snow that landed on the leaves that weighed down the branches that pulled down the wires that took away my connection.

And this is the awesome pumpkin sitting on my porch that my daughter Jillanne painted for the Town Halloween event that did not happen on Saturday because of the storm. 

Despite the weather, some people did manage to get creative, dress up and pretend that they were somebody else for the night.   

Here are some cute
Isabelle & Elle

and amazing Halloween costumes I saw. . . 

Lucy & Ricky courtesy of Mairin & Tim 

 The Black Swan brought to you by Maggie

Our planned Wine & Cheese was postponed as well, but Mary & I have rescheduled it for Wednesday December 7th.  All I can say is I hope there's no surprise snowstorm in the works.  As much as I really am a snow girl, this early arrival was a bit too early even for me.  Hope all is kind of back to normal at your house by now . . . 

Mary & I did manage to get a sneak preview (thanks Jack) and go to the most incredible Estate Sale ever on Thursday.  The former home of an actress and winner of the 1952 Mrs. America title, this home was filled with tons of collectibles, antiques and just totally interesting stuff from all over the world.  

Brought back some great accessories to SWITCH for you from there. . .

Have a wonderful week and hope you can make it in soon!  BTW, our shop hours are now Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10-4.