Saturday, January 21, 2012

We Have to Tell You Something

What do you do when faced with a decision to make?  One way is to take some time, try to come up with a few possible solutions, explore the viability of each one, and then choose what appears to be the best option.  

Mary and I have had some soul searching to do in the last few weeks . . . and have decided that we need to make a change.  We love our little shop, and all the really wonderful people we have met in this last year -so this is hard to say . . . but, we will be closing our doors at SWITCH on Saturday, February 11th.

 But hey . . .  DON'T LEAVE US.   We'll have our online shop up and running within the next few days, and will continue to bring you the best of what we can find; interesting and one-of-kind pieces, affordable as always.  For you, our regular customers, we will  make our finds available to you, somehow, someway.  No details right now, we're working on that, but they will be coming soon.  Different space (sigh), but the same stuff.

So, keep checking the blog for updates on what's new . . . as we reconfigure SWITCH with some exciting new ideas.  Change can be good. Switching it out is what we do.  But we do hope you all will keep in touch.  We still love to hear from you here on the blog especially,  and hope you'll stop on by in the shop within the next few weeks! 

We are now marking selected large pieces 20% off, and some of our mid sized pieces (like chairs) 15% off.  Shop hours until we close our doors will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11-4, and Friday & Saturday 10-4.  If you are interested in a purchase and cannot make shop hours, just e-mail us here . . ., and we can arrange to open the shop for you.  No problem.  

Wishing you all a great weekend. . . and see you at the shop!