Saturday, March 26, 2011

Young Designers

Young Dylan image by Jillanne Chimento

Last night I attended an incredible design show. . . not one on a runway or on Madison Avenue, but at my youngest daughter's Senior Show at Monmouth University.  The class of 2011 has produced an array of multi-talented graphic designers whose work just blew me away.  Everything from complete book design to conceptual posters, digital collage, package design, motion graphics, 3D animation and photography.  These kids have come such a long way from the days when graphic design was as simple as typeset and cut & paste.  I'm still in awe at the level of technical expertise it takes to just understand Illustrator, Photoshop & inDesign, no less be able to use it so proficiently.

Here's Jillanne with her classmate Jess . . .

Not only has the face of  advertising and marketing been profoundly changed by technology, but the days of using Luma Dyes and rice paper to hand paint textile designs is now almost pre-historic, and so the home decor industry reflects that as well.  Everything from tabletop to fabric to interior room design been replaced almost entirely by computer generated imagery. Not saying that's a bad thing at all . . . just a new and more efficient way to produce more goods, generate more creative output and market more industry than ever before.  A big shout out to this year's graduating class, and a wish for creative and rewarding work for all of them!

Best buds!

Here's a look at some fresh fabric from the latest crop of young textile designers. . . 
image from Ann Granlund
image from Ink And Spindle
image Christian Zuzunaga for Tate

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