Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Switch & Change

I have not been keeping up with my every other day posts lately,  only because it has been somewhat crazy busy at my house.  Holy Week & Easter were beautiful,  but now the work begins . . . . I'm redoing a few rooms which have been on hold for months already, and before the weather turns too nice to be inside painting,  I'm trying to get what I can done now.  Which of course means total upheaval for everyone, including Jackson, who is wandering around all day looking for his favorite places which aren't there anymore, until at least the rooms are done.

Front entrance is looking as forlorn as Jackie.  He's got that scared look in his eyes cause he knows what's coming . . .  Anyway,  I painted the floor about a year ago, and he lived through that ok.  

Then last fall I decided to go with a darker color on the walls . . . 

Which was alright, and my nephew Daniel did an amazing paint job :), but the color never really clicked with me.  Besides, now it's spring and I'm thinking light,  airy and open . . . . so goodbye pumpkin.

Beginning to see a major transformation in mood with the application of a gorgeous Ben Moore color match of a chip named Broadside.  It's light, ethereal and reminds me of a summer breeze.  I'm happy.

Need to lighten up on some pieces in here as well, (that means more paint), and bring in a few more decorative elements which are lighter and breezy.  

I've been thinking about this bird cage from the shop, and decided to buy it myself.  Sans birds.

Painted up my favorite really old oak pedestal table.  It was an engagement gift from a dear Aunt, and has served me so well for all of about 30 years.  Time for a makeover.   

Too much on the table right now, but two of my favorite football people are on it. . . my dear Dad Joe, and Father-in-Law John. Miss you both. 

So here's how it's coming along so far . . . somebody's exhausted, and it's not me!  Still a few more things to do . . .

I feel lighter and serene already . . .

Have a peaceful evening . . . and stop by the shop soon for some updates to your home!