Wednesday, April 13, 2011


image from apartment therapy

Check out this inspiration board . . . I've always used snippets of imagery here and there from my head in my paintings,  but here is an amazing hard copy one that I absolutely love.  What could be better than pulling from printed images to draw inspiration on color, style and mood in a room in your home?  So look through your mags,  your photos,  your fabrics & accessories,  for the things you really love, and start a board of your own.  If you don't have a space on a wall somewhere, pick up a large sketchbook and keep all those images,  thoughts,  color swatches and maybe even some sketches in there. One day when you need some ideas for a room design, you'll have a great reference which comes from your favorite things.  Which is really what designing a room or a home that you live in is all about, right? 

Some of my favorite color inspirations come from nature, but really,  any visual that takes your breath away can do it . . . it's interesting how a simple photo that speaks to you & makes you feel good can become the basis for a color palette to use in your home.  If it feels good on paper, then it will probably feel great in the rooms you live in!  
Here are some of my favorites . . .

The range of cool blue/violet with the pop of green and white as an accent create a restful calming feeling.

 Here, the warmth of the sepia tones with the coolness of the blues makes a beautiful color story.  Small accents of black keep it grounded.

The range of warm and cool whites with touches of gold and teals in muted tones would be FABULOUS in a bedroom or master bath.  

image Gustave Klimt, Tree of Life

Talk about inspiration. . . .one of my all time favorite painters, Gustave Klimt.

And sometimes just a single piece of something beautiful can be the starting point . . . like this gorgeous teal bowl. . . in the shop now. 

Go for it . . . and grab some inspiration!