Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Summer Knows

I remember thinking way back in June that summer, with it's long warm nights, lazy days, and family get- togethers held the promise of a calmer, pared down, simpler way of life for at least a few weeks.  So how did it pass so quickly into not summer anymore?  I know technically it ends on September 23, but somehow when Labor Day rolls round, that's it.  No matter that the black-eyed susans are still blooming their heads off, or that the temp may rise into the 90's, or that there's still an occasional late night ice cream trip.  When it's over you just know it . . . 

I think one of the most poignant end-of-summer songs ever is from the movie Summer of '42. I don't even know why I like to hear it sung in early September, (it makes me sad), except, to maybe be reminded of all the wonderful moments and special gifts summer always shares. Just a tribute to the season I guess.  

The summer smiles 
The summer knows
                                                              And unashamed
                                                              She sheds her clothes
The summer smoothes
The restless sky
                        And lovingly she warms the sand on which you lie

The summer knows
The summer’s wise
She sees the doubts
Within your eyes
And so she takes Her summertime Tells the moon to wait And the sun to linger
Twist the world
Round her summer finger

Lets you see. . . . The wonder of it all

And if you’ve learned
Your lesson well
There’s little more
For her to tell

One last caress It’s time to dress
For fall...

One not-so-good memory still lingers however . . . It would be hard not to mention the plight of so many on our own east coast who have suffered through the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and the more recent flooding. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

On a brighter note . . . Mary & I have re-opened SWITCH after a few weeks off, and are re-booting the shop for fall with a new collection of great things for your home.  SO. . . 

we are having our end of summer sale NOW. While we transition from summer to fall, there are lots of great buys, say 20% off, on selected summer items . . . the things you wanted to buy in June but didn't.  Stop on in between tomorrow and September 24th and find yourself something special at our betterthanusual price! 

Look forward to seeing you all again . . .