Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Sale

Today Mary and I were up at the crack of dawn to get to a FAB sale and buy a ticket by 8:00 am.  Some of us used to do this kind of thing to buy concert tickets, but who knew we'd be waiting on a line one day just to ENTER to buy stuff?  Hey, there is something about the thrill of the hunt that is pretty exciting, especially when you just know you're gonna get a good buy.  Or you think so.

When my girls were little,  I used to give them two dollars each on a Saturday morning, pack them in the Jeep Woodie, have my map and the classified section ready to go,  get a coffee and some bagels for them, and drag them all over the county in search of the best garage sales.  They actually loved it, and would always come home with something special. . . . one liked beautiful hats, one was always searching for a little teapot, and the other was into jewelry. Those days are long gone, but just remembering it now makes me smile.

Have you ever had just about enough with such things as mapquest and googlemap? And bad estate sales?  We have.  At 9:30 after two completely wrong sets of directions from google, which happened to take us not only out of the way, but out of the town we were looking for, and which made us late for the ticket buy at 8:00, we finally arrived, thanks only to my long forgotten Rand McNally road atlas. 

And . . . whoever you are . . . A special shout out to the man in the pajamas in Ramsey who made us turn our car around in the right direction :)

Not much there in the way of furniture,  

 . . .but we did pick up some interesting small things,  some of which you'll see in their re-made state soon in the shop.

Time for a Starbucks before heading to our second stop . . . which btw was billed as a really fabulous artsy kind of sale, in a very exclusive part of the world.  Looking up the hill at the house we're about to enter, we see 2 police cars parked in the driveway.  Not a good sign.  Apparently there was an altercation between the sellers and some customer who was trying to get in early before the pricing was complete and caused ALOT of trouble.  Did I mention that while we were there someone had absconded with a Rolex and the police were interviewing the sellers, who were I'd say, mildly distracted and could not help anyone who needed pricing, including us.  So much for that sale.  

Not to worry . . . we have some great new pieces in the shop anyway, including:   

 Enamel Top Table in a great Cerulean Blue.

Shabby Vanity/Desk (Mirror priced separately)

Very Large Wall Relief

And as always lots of Whiteware.

We'd love to see you one of these days.  
Have a wonderful Saturday,