Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Courage of NieNie

Watching TV is not something I do a lot, but I was grateful that I turned it on one night last week . . . to be able to view a heartbreaking but truly amazing story of a young woman's courage in the face of unimaginable tragedy.  Her name is Stephanie Nielson . . . and when and if you watch her story,  I know you will be touched as I was.  

Her life as a young mother was literally filled to the brim.  As a vibrant, beautiful and super creative mother of four, loving wife, and, for those who follow the blogosphere, an amazingly talented writer,  NieNie's story of survival and subsequent road to recovery after a devastating plane crash in 2008 is nothing short of miraculous.  Aired on abc's 20/20:

Stephanie's blog, NieNie Dialogues, continues after a very long hiatus and her spirit is unbelievably inspiring.  The love and support of her family, friends and fans is a very beautiful thing.  You can visit her blog here:

Isn't this a great family wall?  I wish I had thought of something like this when my kids were growing up.

image from Anthropologie
Interesting.  Leave it to Anthro's fab designers to come up with something SO creative using cork.  I'd do this one in all whites for pure texture.

Another great wall design . . . created by one of our Switch customers.  Very organic vibe, lots of texture, and looks stunning on the wall behind her dining table!  It's HUGE and represents so many great memories of dinners with family & friends.  Love this Lynne! 

Yay!  Family . . . celebrations . . . Mary & I are off to the last of our girls' college graduations today. Bittersweet, but we couldn't be prouder of them!  The shop will be closed, but we'll be back on Thursday . . . stop by when you can!

Hoping for sun soon . . . have a great day.