Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Thank You

Thinking about my own dear Mom is something I don't need a special day for, she is with me always, but it is so nice to have one day set aside to honor her and all the great moms past and present, who have given so freely to their children.  Love you all & thank you.

Mother's Day is always one of my very favorite days . . . thanks to my wonderful kids and husband who always make it so special.  This year, the biggest gift I could have received was all the kids coming home and spending the day with me making sense of the chaos that is my house these last few weeks!  Organizing stuff, emptying out cabinets, moving furniture, and generally putting some rooms back into place was a welcome relief and soooo much appreciated.

For as long as I can remember, two things always happen right on Mother's Day

The white azeleas in the front garden come into full bloom . . . 

. . . and the blue Forget-Me-Nots in my quiet Mary Garden explode with color.  

May just has to be considered in the top 3 as far as glorious color.  It's everywhere, and what better decorating inspiration for the upcoming warmer months than looking just as far as your eye can see right now.  

Lush new greens of every tone, the soft pinks of dogwood and magnolia, cool blue iris and lavender lilac, and, of course the range of whites in azaleas, hydrangeas, not to mention the spectacular show of flowering trees.

image from Lonniemag.com 
An amazing Bohemian bed dressed in the cool blues of spring . . . 

image from lonnymag.com
Just a few touches of green here on the floor and in the vase bring new freshness to a neutral palette. 

image Better Homes & Gardens
Bringing in just this one pop of violet makes the room sing.  This is so easy to do with a white or neutral wall as a backdrop.

We've got lots of color going on in the shop now as well . . . 



And as always, lots of whites to mix in . . . 

Hoping you will get to enjoy some of this gorgeously beautiful day!