Monday, April 11, 2011

Showing Off

I almost hate to post these very dreary photos, but I thought you might like to see how far the shop has come since the very beginning.  After this no more ugly pics I promise.

Pretty dismal huh?  Well, way back in November, we were so excited about opening our shop that even this image of our space was not enough to stop our forward motion!

After the carpet came up, our first little "project" was to give the wood underneath a coat of white, and then move on to sanding some of it away.  It looked SO much better right away.  Well, not right away . . . it actually took about 2 weeks of sanding and lugging the huge shop vac all over the floors to remove the dust ALL OVER EVERYTHING, including us.  But, here's how it looked when we were done. . . .

Kind of cool and funky, with some of the old wood showing through  as well as some of the green and blue paint underneath!  The great thing about this floor is that you cannot kill it.  Nothing shows up despite us constantly moving furniture all over.  We LOVE this floor now.

Our next step was trying to put some architectural detail in place; as you can see there wasn't any.  Did we call a carpenter? Noooo. . . we did it ourselves.  Took ourselves to Lowe's, bought some trim pieces and started measuring and hammering away.  

Who needs a framer when you have two determined chicks with some tools?

Much better.

So. . . this is the room now where the sander was up above.

And this is the front window before 

and after.

Now for some shots of the shop pretty much as it was at the opening. But . . . it's different again now.


One more before

And after.

Stop by the shop soon and see what we've found over the weekend . . . and if we can help you re-design your space, stop in or give us a call!

Have a wonderful day,