Saturday, April 30, 2011

Window ReDo

 A few weeks back I told you Mary & I were asked to do the window next door, for one of our (amazing catering) neighbors, Contemporary Foods.  

Haven't had a chance to post these pics till now, but we're pretty happy with our garden party theme, especially now that the time for enjoying some yummy things outside is here already . . .

We started with some great lime green outdoor seating, our funky owl coffee table to bring in an element of nature, and a bold blast of fabric color on the bistro table. 

Then we added some square white app dishes on a flat wicker tray, some great blue and green glassware, a great ceramic salad bowl, and a few pieces of my newest artwork for additional color.

Btw, most of the items shown here are available in the shop-next-door. Ours. SWITCH.  

The finished window . . .  cannot wait to have the first alfresco lunch of the season! 

You've seen some interior shots of our shop, but here are a few of the outside. . . still working on it, and always switching it out!

Out of view but directly to the right are two more of our little group of four shops, the renowned Arthur Zo Hair Salon, and the studio of the inimitable & noted photographer, (as well as HP's very own best photographic chronologist), Mel Di Giacomo.  You can see some of Mel's incredible photos now at:

 Up the steps . . .

And down the block.  Come visit!

For the month of May, we've decided to offer our very first Spring SWITCH Blog giveaway. . .

This sweet little white pitcher can be yours as the winner. . . just sign on to be a follower here on the blog, and post a response to . . . 

1.What do you like about our shop?
2. What kinds of things are you looking for in your own home that we can bring to you here at SWITCH?

Mary & I LOVE to hear your feedback!  Winner will be announced on May 31.

Have a beautiful Saturday . . .