Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh Deer

Thinking about deer these last few days because, well, I'm thinking about my garden again.  The planning and the money I'm about to spend on some great new perennials, and the time it will take to actually plant all these gorgeous blooms . . . . and the havoc they caused last season. . . . reminds me of (think Easter) bunnies.  They have lots in common . . . same color, same bounce when they run away, same little white tails, AND they both love munching on the most favorite things you have in the garden.  Remember Peter Rabbit?  And the trouble he got into after sneaking into the vegetable garden?  Didn't you even feel sorry for him just a little?

As mad as I get about my chomping invaders, I cannot help thinking about the fact that they just wouldn't do it if they weren't HUNGRY.  I know.  I'm a wimp about it.  But as much as I love my garden, I can't stay mad. They are just too cute.

I found this driftwood piece that looks amazingly like the real thing, no?

Loving these classic garden designers, and the beautiful outdoor spaces they have created.

image Fletcher Steele, Landscape Designer.
Repetition. Form. Color. Beautiful. 

 Versaille Gardens image from Grow Spot
Amazing graphics in this world famous garden.

In the shop now . . . 

Wishing you all a beautiful Easter and Passover Season.