Monday, June 13, 2011


While I was in the studio one night last week, something came fluttering against the window, almost like what happens when a bird doesn't realize there is glass between inside and outside.  It came to rest on the outside ledge, and when I went to look I HAD TO run and get my camera.  

 If anyone knows what this beautiful flying insect is, I would love to know!  It was the most gorgeous shade of grass green,  and I could not stop looking at the way it was shaped, layered and designed.  Very aeordynamic and sleek, but the thing that blew me away was the little markings on the wings. . .   it looked like there were eyes peering up at me, but I realized that those designs were a great example of nature's camouflage at work.  I guess this particular unnamed creature would be perfectly safe sitting in the grass or in some foliage appearing to be something other than it really was in order to escape a bigger predator. 

Most of us know how to use makeup and clothing to get the best look we can.  It got me thinking about the ways that we use some things to change or camouflage the appearance of our homes and interior space as well as our bodies.


This was one of the first finds we picked up for our shop as a freebie from a neighbor.  Had great height, shape and shelving inside for all our shop stuff, but it needed a makeover. 

After 2 complete paint jobs on our found shop desk,  we decided on pure white and LOVE how it turned out. 

Bad walls?  Sometimes just a bit of creativity can fix that.  Underneath this sconce and behind these columns is what I would call a sheetrock disaster.  But the doorframe looks much better without the expense of a major overhaul of the wall area around it.

I don't have a picture of this table before it was sanded and re-painted, but it looks amazing now,  after a beautiful coat of fresh beach house color! 

Some things don't need ANY re-working to be beautiful  . . . like these great shutters I found in an old Cape barn recently.  Color layers of blues and greens reveal the character of this pair better than a new paint job ever could!

If you stop by the shop this week you'll find some some great inspiration for your home and garden!

Have a wonderful day!