Friday, April 8, 2011

SOHO Afternoon

Sometimes a place you visit leaves more than just a passing memory. On a recent visit to NYC with Mary and two of our combined five favorite daughters, we had an amazing look at one of the area's newest hotels.  No, we didn't have a room, but we did have an awesome lunch in a very cool hotel restaurant. . . .  at The Crosby Street Hotel.  

Kip Kent designed the interior spaces which were TOTAL CHIC,  but the thing that really amazed me was the film documenting the entire building process, directed, filmed and edited by Jean Roman Seyfried.  I've never seen anything like this, and the music is so beautiful it could make you cry . . . If you have a few minutes, "A Reconstruction of My Views",  a parking lot-to-hotel re-construction, is really worth seeing. You can view it by going to:

image from Crosby Street Hotel

Is this bedroom amazing?  The thing I love is how each room has an art piece that SO relates to the overall scheme.  

image from Crosby Street Hotel

I don't even drink tea, but I'd have some to be sitting on this ultra gorgeous sofa.  Wool, color, pattern, wow.

Image from Crosby Street Hotel

Where we had lunch . . . I could not stop taking in the color. The food was pretty excellent too!


Love to hear about your favorite NYC beautiful spaces!