Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Getting Out There

One of my favorite local spots for kicking the leaves around and getting in a bit of an awesome view of the gorgeous Hudson River. . . top of the mountain in Piermont, NY.  

As the chill sets in here in the northeast, I am SO looking forward to getting out the cozy sweaters and cords, cooking again on something other than a grill, and best of all enjoying the beauty and clear air of fall.    The change in seasons makes me feel invigorated. . .  almost like the relief of the first spring day after a long cold winter.   I'm one of those people who couldn't live anywhere but in a place that changes it's look and feel every few months.  Maybe that's why I'm constantly changing the rooms in my home?  Something about switching things up inside and out is what makes me tick, keeps me creative and always interested. 

A walk in the woods recharges my inner nature girl soul, and a walking tour like this one that Jack and I did last winter at Palisades Interstate Park offers a special opportunity to see things slightly off the beaten path. 

Millionaires Row . . . the area of the Hudson in Alpine which once was home to the rich and the famous is a fabulous short trail (about 3 miles) overlooking the Hudson. 

For the most part, only the remnants of the foundations of these estates remain, having sadly been razed in the 1930's, but wow, what history and beauty are still there to explore.  Not to mention imagining the lives of the people who once were privileged to live there. . .  John Ringling, circus entrepenuer, Calvert Vaux, co-designer of Central Park, George Zabriskie, flour baron  who sold to Pillsbury, etc.  

  The group checking things out . . . a lower level of 
Cliff Dale, the magnificent estate of George Zabriskie. 

 Some of the remaining beauty of that gorgeous stone construction . . . 

 One of my favorite shots. . . the present in stepped-back time.  It's so nice to be able to go back sometimes. . . 

Every once in awhile we get something special in the shop that brings uback to the past . . . 
 Like these adorable child's schoolhouse chairs, painted years ago in a great prussian blue.  These chairs are heavy, old, and will not topple over.  How many little ones have sat themselves down to do their schoolwork over the years?  Maybe even you!  They won't last long . . . 

Thinking of the snow to come . . . these antique snowshoes would be fabulous over a roaring fire winter mantle.  

Before I forget
Save the Date:  Cheese & Wine at the shop on Friday November 4th. 7pm-9pm.  Stop on in and celebrate with us!

Enjoy these wonderful autumn days. . . .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Falling for Fall

     image Alicia Chimento

There's something about the twilight skies of autumn. . . and the way it's colors reflect the vibrancy of the landscape.  The beautiful mellow yellows, oranges and reds will be popping out soon, and with them the need to turn inward and create a warm interior environment in the home.   A glowing fire, lighted candles, a soup simmering, all help to set the stage for the upcoming longer nights . . . and the approaching Halloween weekend for kids and families alike.

My sister and her crew of 3 girls have been working tirelessly for our town's 1'st (new and expanded) Halloween Festival, creating a day of spooky fun for families and kids alike.  Hayrides, Ragamuffin Parade, Photo Booth, Build-Your-Own-Scarecrow Contest, Arts & Crafts and much more . . .  

Here's Elle . . . 

and her sister Bella painting up a spooky black cat.  Sorry for the blurry pic but their little hands were working SO fast.

posing with two of the many friendly ghosts that will be floating around town. . . 

 The creative brain behind the event, my sister Gloria.  How she finds the time to organize, get sponsors and put all this together I'll never know!  
poster image by Jillanne Chimento

What better symbol of fall than a gorgeous pumpkin on the porch?  One Huge pumpkin just like this was donated to the event by one of our local growers. Just looking at it makes me smile! 

                                                                       image from Holly Mathis Interiors
A great table-set idea for your next fall dinner.  Even if it's just for the family, this table piled with books, pumpkins of all colors and ok, a glass of your favorite vino creates SUCH an inviting gathering spot to relax at the end of a long day.

Mary & I were out doing some gathering ourselves yesterday, and came back with some interesting finds for the shop. . . 

and some great newly consigned pieces

so stop on in when you can.  A little change to our shop hours. . . We're now open Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10-4. 

and . . .
image from Catherine Lazure
. . . in celebration of our one year anniversary as partners (business partners that is), Mary & I are hosting a  CHEEse & Wine at the shop on Friday, November 4th from 7-9.  Hope you can drop by and celebrate with us!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Room Re-Visit

No this is not my own darling Jackson,  but it must be his brother in a white version.  Not to mention the lounging position which is oh-so-familiar.  As you can see this white sofa has been covered with a comforter to protect it from the doggy paw destruction that can happen with just one sitting.  Now this approach is a bit too radical for me, (Jackie's not allowed on MY white sofa,) but nevertheless some people just like the look of pure white and will do almost anything to get it.  And yes laundering a comforter is way so much easier than laundering a set of slips.  He does look comfy doesn't he?

 In an earlier post, you may remember my red dining room.  The table set here was for a holiday gathering, and although the color served me well for a number of years, very cozy and atmospheric, but it was time for a big change.   My biggest challenge was not repainting the wall color . .  that would have been easy.  It was the color of the fabric on the dining chairs, which was a fixed issue.  

Every time I tried to change the look of the room with a different wall color, the chairs would dominate my color scheme.  And those same chairs would also dominate the color scheme of all the adjoining rooms as well.  So I was stuck with a color palette I no longer wanted  on the whole first floor as well as in that room.

Once I decided to break-up with my red chairs, everything was SO much easier.

 I had all 12 of them slipcovered in a simple white duck (thank you Dennis Klein, they are waiting to be steam pressed), and had the walls painted in a creamy Dove White from Ben Moore.

 Just changing out the chair color has opened up the whole space, which as an interior room, was a low light situation anyway.

 Now it looks fresh, a bit more casual and so much more ready to adapt to the changes I want to make as the seasons change.  Adding additional color on a table set or on the windows is much easier now with an all white background.

 Loving this . . . but now I'm on the lookout for 2 smaller chandys over the table instead of the one which is way too high and in the middle.  Jackie is checking out the new dining room, in which he unfortunately will not have a seat at the table!

Great new pieces in the shop right now.
Here's a few . . .

 Some simpLy gorgeous interior pics by Atlanta Bartlett Interiors . . .
A kitchen still life with the most elemental simplicity.

Here the play of wood, texture, architectural detail and color against white is stunning.

Nothing will show your collection of whiteware or colored kitchenware more perfectly than in a white washed cupboard or cabinet.

Have a great day, and come on by the shop soon!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hi There Autumn

     image Alicia Chimento
Wouldn't this be nice right about now? 

Is it me or is September a busier time than even November or December?  Even though our kids are pretty much all grown up,  I still remember those days very well.  Children back to school, or in some cases kids home from school, new schedules, fund-raising events, homework help, projects, back to school nights, committes, sports, birthdays, anniversaries, doctor visits, appointments. . . . it all comes crashing back at once when September rolls around.  One minute it's summer, and the next the craziness begins without so much as a gradual ease in.  Too bad . . . because it's one of the most beautiful months, and it seems to flit away almost unnoticed. 

I've been away from the shop and the blog, (sorry)  for some art related business, but now that we are approaching October, Mary and I are ready to bring you the most interesting oNe-of a kind things we can find (to add to your already interesting collection) of pieces for the home.  Stop by and see what we've got . . . new things pretty much weekly.


These pieces were in and out before I could even get them up on the blog - but just so you can see . . . 

Large Blackboard Framed in Metal

Painted Wood Slat Basket

Petite Tiffany Style Lamp

Recently I saw an interesting take on the (sometimes) sad looking bookcases we all seem to have.  Don't get me wrong, I love books as much as you probably do, but after awhile they do look kind of THE SAME. 

 image from apartment therapy

As a color story, this bookshelf is exciting! Notice how all the books have not been replaced, just a few,  in selected areas.  The pops of color just brighten up the whole wall . . . probably as easy as covering a few titles with kraft paper.  This one is so easy that I need to do it in my own boring bookcase.

A few of the books I'd like to cuddle up with soon . . . these days it's such a nice break from alwaysbeingonthecomputer. 

Hope you can find a quiet bench somewhere to contemplate and recharge. . . and, after you do that, of course, stop in the shop.  We're excited to see all our SWITCH friends again!