Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hi There Autumn

     image Alicia Chimento
Wouldn't this be nice right about now? 

Is it me or is September a busier time than even November or December?  Even though our kids are pretty much all grown up,  I still remember those days very well.  Children back to school, or in some cases kids home from school, new schedules, fund-raising events, homework help, projects, back to school nights, committes, sports, birthdays, anniversaries, doctor visits, appointments. . . . it all comes crashing back at once when September rolls around.  One minute it's summer, and the next the craziness begins without so much as a gradual ease in.  Too bad . . . because it's one of the most beautiful months, and it seems to flit away almost unnoticed. 

I've been away from the shop and the blog, (sorry)  for some art related business, but now that we are approaching October, Mary and I are ready to bring you the most interesting oNe-of a kind things we can find (to add to your already interesting collection) of pieces for the home.  Stop by and see what we've got . . . new things pretty much weekly.


These pieces were in and out before I could even get them up on the blog - but just so you can see . . . 

Large Blackboard Framed in Metal

Painted Wood Slat Basket

Petite Tiffany Style Lamp

Recently I saw an interesting take on the (sometimes) sad looking bookcases we all seem to have.  Don't get me wrong, I love books as much as you probably do, but after awhile they do look kind of THE SAME. 

 image from apartment therapy

As a color story, this bookshelf is exciting! Notice how all the books have not been replaced, just a few,  in selected areas.  The pops of color just brighten up the whole wall . . . probably as easy as covering a few titles with kraft paper.  This one is so easy that I need to do it in my own boring bookcase.

A few of the books I'd like to cuddle up with soon . . . these days it's such a nice break from alwaysbeingonthecomputer. 

Hope you can find a quiet bench somewhere to contemplate and recharge. . . and, after you do that, of course, stop in the shop.  We're excited to see all our SWITCH friends again!

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