Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Falling for Fall

     image Alicia Chimento

There's something about the twilight skies of autumn. . . and the way it's colors reflect the vibrancy of the landscape.  The beautiful mellow yellows, oranges and reds will be popping out soon, and with them the need to turn inward and create a warm interior environment in the home.   A glowing fire, lighted candles, a soup simmering, all help to set the stage for the upcoming longer nights . . . and the approaching Halloween weekend for kids and families alike.

My sister and her crew of 3 girls have been working tirelessly for our town's 1'st (new and expanded) Halloween Festival, creating a day of spooky fun for families and kids alike.  Hayrides, Ragamuffin Parade, Photo Booth, Build-Your-Own-Scarecrow Contest, Arts & Crafts and much more . . .  

Here's Elle . . . 

and her sister Bella painting up a spooky black cat.  Sorry for the blurry pic but their little hands were working SO fast.

posing with two of the many friendly ghosts that will be floating around town. . . 

 The creative brain behind the event, my sister Gloria.  How she finds the time to organize, get sponsors and put all this together I'll never know!  
poster image by Jillanne Chimento

What better symbol of fall than a gorgeous pumpkin on the porch?  One Huge pumpkin just like this was donated to the event by one of our local growers. Just looking at it makes me smile! 

                                                                       image from Holly Mathis Interiors
A great table-set idea for your next fall dinner.  Even if it's just for the family, this table piled with books, pumpkins of all colors and ok, a glass of your favorite vino creates SUCH an inviting gathering spot to relax at the end of a long day.

Mary & I were out doing some gathering ourselves yesterday, and came back with some interesting finds for the shop. . . 

and some great newly consigned pieces

so stop on in when you can.  A little change to our shop hours. . . We're now open Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10-4. 

and . . .
image from Catherine Lazure
. . . in celebration of our one year anniversary as partners (business partners that is), Mary & I are hosting a  CHEEse & Wine at the shop on Friday, November 4th from 7-9.  Hope you can drop by and celebrate with us!

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