Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Digging Dirt

image from Sara Midda,  In And Out of The Garden

 I think the beginning of the garden season must be something like baseball or, (for some people I know), golf Opening Day. The anticipation of a few newcomers, the hard work, the disappearance of a  once familiar species, the hope of success, and a fresh opportunity this year to try out some new things and surpass last year's season. But it's all good, and I am excited!

 Getting ready to turn over some pots as well as some dirt.

Last year's peonies were amazing, somehow surviving through all the rain. Can't wait for my all time favorite flower to appear in a few weeks!

Speaking of waiting, I cannot wait for tomorrow, because finally today I had the urge to plan my garden for the season.  Not that I actually did anything in it . . .  but the first feeling of needing to get out there tomorrow was real.  I think it was the realization that now the shop is pretty much on it's way to being stocked with all kinds of interesting things, I have almost caught up with some of the most basic home necessities like food shopping and laundry, and best of all, it seems that spring has finally arrived.  YES!  For me that means Digging.  Outside. Wheelbarrow. Garden bag. Mucks. Hose turned on.  Jackson by my side. Rakes & Spades. 

Jackson taking a break to smell the flowers.

First on the list will be moving some perennials to a better suited spot, cutting back the shrub roses, adding more herbs.  Setting out the early pansies and planting in the seeds for lettuce and sweet peas will come after that.  

In the meantime,  I'm LOVING the color that is just beginning to explode all around us.  A beautiful sight for tired of winter eyes!

We've got some great little gardeny things in the shop now . . . colors in benches, buckets, chairs and pots for your home and garden. 

    image from Mary Woodin,  The Painted Garden

Hope you can get out there yourself soon and find a little spot of serenity in your own garden!


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