Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Healing Dill

Can anyone possibly venture a guess as to what a story about dill and ice might be doing on the blog today?  Is there some remote connection here to the shop and to design?  Well. . . yes.  Kind of.  I told you Mary and I were designing one of our shop neighbor's windows.  All was going great . . . paper was down,  chairs, table and props were beginning to be placed.

 The color story and theme were established.  We were just about to call it day and finish a last few things when, I did something stupid.  I walked headfirst into the header of the backdrop glass doors above me.  Stars for a few seconds,  and in the next minute I think I opened 20 stainless steel doors in search of ice.  I mean, there must be ice somewhere in a food establishment, right?  My instincts told me to stop looking and grab the first thing I could find that was not ice, but that was frozen.  There it was . . . a huge blue plastic bag which looked an awful lot like the things you use when you sprain an ankle or hit your head.  Plopped it ontop, and continued looking, until . . . Mary finds the dill. 

Smaller and more contained, it fit perfectly on the spot where I hit, and it was icy cold. If not for that dill, I might not be writing this post today.  So,  just for clarification, if you think you saw someone that looked like me outside or inside the window of Contemporary Foods yesterday with a container on her head, this will certify that you are not crazy. It was just all in a day's work and me.

Some of the colors we'll use on the tabletop.

The window is coming out great. . .  think it will be done today and we hope Rich will love it!  Btw I am going to suggest to Mary that we pot up some dill for the tablescape somewhere.  Healing. 
Special thanks to our neighbor Mel who pointed out the very obvious ice machine in the back that we both forgot about!

Something you may notice as you leave the shop hanging on the door . . . a Prosperity Bell, given to us on the day we opened by my nieces Hannah, Isabelle & Ellie.  Made in India by local villagers,  it came with good wishes to all who pass by for peace and prosperity. So nice. . . thanks girls!

Stop by and check out our new shipment of hand done vintage pillows.  All in whites, some with vintage buttons & pins.  Beautifully made one-of-a-kinds by Carol . . . perfect for a shower, birthday or wedding gift!

Keep smiling.

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