Friday, February 10, 2012

The Circle

Time has a unique way of being measured for all of us.  People. Events. Work. Memories. Dreams. Relationships.  Random everyday occurrences.  The days pass, and we learn.  We all do our best.  We realize that things are never static.  They change.  We change.  We understand more.  We accept.  We adapt.  We continue.  And all the while we hope and pray that time will be our friend.  

As Mary & I wind down our last few days here at SWITCH, (our final shop day is Saturday, February 11) we are grateful for many things . . . among them the overwhelming support from our families and friends,  and the patronage and friendship of all those people who have come into our lives in just this past year.  We know that for every good thing that is attempted, there is much good which results. 

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Happy Valentine's Day.
These have got to be the most incredibly beautiful cookies I have ever seen.  So, in honor of you my dear readers, I am reposting this special Valentine's Day sweet treat. .  I have never, ever attempted to work with fondant, but these exquisite yums may get me started . . . Drop me a line if you try them before I do, and let me know if they are worth getting over my fondant fear. 

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Dear Friends 
. . . stay tuned for the next window to open, both here at SWITCHSTUFF, and as your own days reveal themselves.  Life is good.  We are all blessed. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend . . .
and the 

of all St. Valentine's Days!


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