Friday, June 17, 2011


Mary and I are heading out today, early, before we open at 1, to shop for the shop.  We don't get to go hunting nearly as much as we'd like these days,  but sometimes the process of scouring the listings and the words "too much to list' or "you can't miss this one" are way too tempting.  Anyone who does estate sales and garage sales and open flea markets knows the feeling . . .  what's out there waiting for me to find it?  Will it be the one thing that I need or want at the right price and will I get there before some one else gets it first?  There's nothing worse than seeing something you wish you picked up being carried out to the car by another lucky person who didn't stop on the way there first for a coffee.  

Arriving early is not always a good thing.  Not unless you like walking right past the ticket location, getting on line only to find you walked right past the ticket location, being told where the ticket location actually is, and upon getting there finding out the tickets have all been stolen.  Or, hearing some really obnoxious person with a ticket when you don't have one, offering to sell it to the highest bidder.  The thing that broke my heart a few weeks ago was the elderly woman who upon realizing that only the people who had gotten their tickets WAY early (before they were stolen) were going in the door, cried out: "but what about us?'  Somehow it felt like the rest of us were 2nd class citizens, and, if I'd had a ticket I think I would have just given her mine.

Once inside, you forget all this.  If you've ever done an Easter Egg hunt as a kid you understand.  You know the eggs are all out there, and your goal is to find as many good ones as you can.  

But here the treasures aren't hidden . . . open season on good stuff awaits, piled on on tables, in cabinets, on beds and really everywhere you look.  Mary and I are lucky to have made some really good connections with some really good sellers, so once inside, the fun begins.  We'll keep you posted on what we find today,  and you'll see some of it the shop soon.   As always, feel free to drop us a comment for something special you're looking for but haven't been able to find.  We'll do our best.   See ya later!

A fun buy. . . Check out these great chairs painted up in luscious cerulean, raspberry & leaf. How cool on a summer porch with kids and lemonade?

BTW, as for the answer to the identity of this beautiful flying creature that I posted on Monday. . .

  . . . I think I can confidently say, that thanks to two very smart blog readers named Lynn and Richie, what I was looking at is known as a luna moth.  A MOTH.  Moths have always been my absolute most hated insects, but now, that's all changed.  Just goes to show that there is beauty to be found in some way in almost everything.  So thanks everyone for your comments . . .  Adena, come on in anyway (good guess), and . . . it might be a good time to say I think I have the most FANTASTIC group of readers ever!  Love you all! 

Get some shopping done . . . :)

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