Friday, June 24, 2011

The New Girl

Our recent estate sale was pretty uneventful in terms of lots and lots of stuff for the shop . . . BUT we did manage to grab (literally if you ask Mary) one wonderful new acquision for SWITCH. 

Here she is, all wrapped up and waiting to get to her new home! 

 She's already been photographed, veiled, and has had her first taste of controversey in the last few days, but we love her.  We don't know how long we'll have her with us, and she is yet unnamed, (aside from the obvious big vote getter Diana, the possible Clara, and the maybe ????, but with or without a name this Greek goddess is a great addition to our shop, and may be a wonderful piece to add to your home, bath, pool or garden.  Come see . . . she'll go for a good good price! :)

Garden statues, sculptures and ornaments can add so much to a garden setting when used with care.  Not too many . . . just one will often bring serenity and life and interest to an area which is already beautiful on it's own.

Here's a simple piece I've set on a tree in my woodland garden.  I love to walk through it and see the peace in her face.  

 She sits amid the roses all through the month of June.

 This guy and his brother stand stoically on my front steps.  I love the intensity and character in their faces.

 Dear St. Francis watching over the woods and wildlife.

 This one is not mine, but a favorite anyway.  He stands at nearby Johnson-Davis Park in Tenafly.  Courage is still a virtue, isn't it?

We've got some interesting sculptural elements in the shop now. 
Not for everyone, but definitely for someone . . .

 Authentic Arizona Bison Skull

We're told this lovely lady is the wife of Bacchus, the God of Wine.

The back room has had a make-over. . . lots of summer color and gardeny things.  Stop by and see what's new!

Have a wonderful day!

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